Whats with the holistic perspective, why Land, Enterprise and Self?



“What got us here, won’t get us there”- Anonymous

In the study of a design science known as ‘Integrative Ecosocial Design’, or ‘Permaculture Design’, there are 3 main ethics that were derived in the 70’s from the remanning successful indigenous cultures. These ethics are utilised within Permaculture to guide the design of a successful regenerative future. These ethics are ‘Care of the Earth’ (Land Is the focal point Regen-Dev has chosen, although it encompasses the ecosystems of the land/Earth), ‘Care of the People’ (We chose ‘Self’ as a foci, although it encompasses, the relationships we have between one and other also) and ‘Redistribution of the Surplus/Fair Share’ (We chose Enterprise, although it encompasses, policy also). In reality, these 3 main areas of foci are inseparable, and thus it’s impossible to get lasting regeneration of one with one without considering all. At Regenerative Developments we believe this holistic perspective offers yet unrealised potential for regenerating all systems, thus decided being somewhat of a generalist could be our specialty. Like the ecosystem that we are apart of, we can not survive alone, regenerative developments does not intend to be a 1 stop solution, but we are equipped for diverse situations, and most importantly have an abundance of other specialist organisations accessible in our guild, for referring to whenever required.

And how does one describe permaculture simply, lets say to a 6 year old?

(if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it!)

Permaculture is looking at the natural world (and it’s systems) to guide the evolution of humanity ever closer towards harmony.

Strictly speaking, for something to be classified as ‘permaculture’, all 3 ethics must be considered. We ultimately hope that the word ‘Permaculture’ will seize to exist once it simply becomes, the way things are done, and things are certainly moving in that direction.


The Permaculture Flower – David Holmgren

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