Something tells me we live in exciting times. Our planet has its problems – it always has and it always will, but with information share, technology and opportunities to vote with ones wallet evolving and prospering like never before, these turbulences that appear to disrupt the inevitable evolution of consciousness and it’s desire to get more complex and beautiful are mellowing in response to our awakening.
  Resist all you like, it’s onwards an upwards, and it’s always has been that way; see it that way for a minute, and you can see that every ‘bad’ thing that happens to you or others, or the planet was not wasted, it’s consciousness or what some refer to as “god” creating the creative tension to cause further evolution. As individuals we must learn to accept the “bad” with the “good”. And for the future of our ecosocial climate sacrifice the extra $ it costs us (bad?) to support ethically and environmentally sound businesses and the things we want to see more of.
   People don’t trust politicians and for good reasons, they can only do so much, money drives change and that leads me to a wacky wacky concept –
   How about consciousness or God or complete chance allowed for the emergence of one simple resource (money) that would be put in the hand of almost every single person* on the planet which allows each and every one of us to vote for what we want to see more of. Now that would be some intelligent designing, that would be really cool..
*admittedly right now money is in extremely unequal amounts, which will change as we support businesses that pay a living wage to all workers, and many people on the poverty line will struggle at first which puts the ball in the court for the the average person (you and I and us) for the meantime. But what we can do even more to add to the momentum, we can offer feedback to companies and voice it using social media. Keep up the good work everyone!
Inspired by the bellow video.


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  1. Dorie says:

    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easire!

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