‘The universe tends to provide us with what we need’

  In my free time I often find myself reading up on things that help in either physical or mental development, things that inspire me, open my mind. I’m often watching videos on youtube or checking out those pictures with quotes written on Facebook. Unfortunately that means I have no idea where the above quote comes from or who to give credit to (not that they probably mind).

  Anyway, whether it’s an indisputable fact or merely a perception we can choose to acquire, Its a great way of thinking. On that note, lets assume in some way you needed this.. so you read on, and take in these words and then when the opportunity comes for you to read one of the books, or click a link, you do, and the knock on effect not only provides you with with something useful, but afterwards it probably even feels like the whole thing was inevitable. Its a fun way of thinking. Maybe, none of that happens at all, but some of the words in this text remind you of that thing you must do right now..? The universe tends to provide us with what we need, I really do feel that way.

Primarily,  I wanted to write about some great resources that impacted my life and helped guide me toward the life I’m living now. It’s not a life everyone would celebrate, It’s one that has its ups and downs, frustrations and hiccups, but each and every one teaches me something, and only leaves me better off.

I’ll place them in order in which I stumbled across them.


1. www.leangains.com

  This is about physical and aesthetic fitness/weightlifting/bodybuilding, call it what you want it.  A big chunk of it is actually about intermittent fasting, which can despite popular belief be very effective way of achieving a great physique. Most importantly it debunks the myth that we must eat ‘every 3 hours’ in order to keep up our metabolism, or rely on supplements to reach a specific goal.  Fasting aside, It’s a great resource for strength training in general. His training section is about a thing he calls ‘Fuckarounditus’ and the ‘Illusion of complexity’ in the fitness industry. This guy might be dubbed ‘The mad Scientist’ in the fitness world, but he’s is at his natural genetic limit in terms of maximum lean body mass (meaning he would need steroids to get any larger) and he’s more lean than anyone reading this would probably want to get. He goes to the gym for less than 2 hours a week and has only has 7 movements which he swears by and will only complete 2-3 in a short gym session 2-3 times a week.  Following his outline, I made some fast progress myself. The whole experience definitely isn’t for everyone, but anybody interested in looking good should at least read his take on training/curing “fuckarounditus”.

2. A new Earth- Edkhart Toll 

A new Earth

This book was recommended to a guy I met at a hostel in Byron Bay. I don’t remember his name, I really liked the guy, in fact he hadn’t even read it. However, a guy that told him about it, said it was life changing.  I forked out a fair bit of cash for it, when I found it at book shop in Coffs Harbour roadtripping south.

 The book changed my life without a shadow of a doubt. It taught me things about myself I simply could’t have comprehended before. It played a big part in me becoming who I am today and giving me the confidence to live my dream and be content doing it. Its a decent sized book and I wouldn’t want to discredit it by summing it up badly, but for the sake of promotion I will list some key points.

– All suffering is caused either by a Identification with a past experience or via the projection of a future problem. When you realise that something that happened to you, is only that, and not who you are, the past can no longer cause you suffering. Also when you realise that no matter how bleak a future event might appear, the moment it’d self will always be bearable, all moments are. You can change the outcome of the future or except it and get back to living the moment.  Embrace the moment, feel it with all your senses, because the present moment is the one thing you will live with for the rest of your life, so make a conscious effort enjoy it.

Elliot Hulse

His youtube channels, both under his name and under ‘strength camp‘ are great resources. He’s before his time. An asset to todays humanity. Take everything in this life with a pinch of salt, and give it time, but no denying it, this guys speaks a lot of wisdom and gives great advice, especially relevant to people times of transition, or development.

The way of the Superior Man – David Deida


Now at first glance one might think this is an extension to one of these ‘how to pick up girls’ kind of books, or a feminists nightmare. It might be interesting to a feminist, but has absolutely nothing to do with tricking girls in to thinking they want you. Essentially the premise is about masculine and feminine polarity, and the need for there to be that polarity for sexual attraction to flourish. In a world today where roles are often obscured, It is both sexes that suffer. This book in my opinion is a great read for anyone with any kind of sexual essence, male and female alike. It’s like all the information I’ve written about in this post, It teaches you to listen to your conscience, and trust your instincts, It just reinstates that trust in yourself over and over again.
The truth is, I’m really not a big reader, in fact ‘A new earth’ took me 6 months to get through and I haven’t watched half of Elliot Hulse’s Videos nor have I even finished all of ‘The Superior Man’, but what I have read so far has definitely contributed to the positive state of mind I’m starting my day with. I hope this blog brings clarity to someone else too.


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