Teaching Permaculture at Taino Farm

Many changes at the farm. I received great advice by incredible and intuitive people and this promoted the evolution of my role at Taino farm.  From the feedback received from farm tours, workers and volunteers, as well as the people behind the scenes, they agreed they’d like to see me keep my focus on the designing and education side of things rather than becoming overly involved in the hosting duties and general admin. I couldn’t agree more. There are so many great people involved on the project and It’s easy to want to hang out and try to help out wherever possible, in other aspects of Cabarete life.  Unfortunately, this meant spreading myself a bit too thin, and before I knew it, I’d began to neglect many things I love about Cabarete. I’d hardly found time to surf, kite, train and my other permaculture projects in and around town weren’t getting the love they deserve.

Things quickly turned around. Now I’m dedicated to doing 2 farm tours each week. The volunteers and workers also receive a full day of practical, and permaculture theory lessons on Tuesdays as well as sessions on the Wednesday and Saturdays after the farm tours. I’m going to remain living in Cabarete so I can continue to inspire a larger number of people. It means I get to keep my focus on urban and suburban permaculture practises such as the extreme hotel and my own home/’Dharma Farm’ and I’ll be surfing and kitesurfing, which Is what brought me here some 5 years a go.

This week at the farm I taught a morning lesson on the importance of diversity in developing resilient systems, and an introduction to companion planting. The theory lesson in the afternoon was an Introduction to permaculture which included the following topics.

-Human past, present and future, permaculture design philosophy, holistic thinking

-Environmental problems and how permaculture can help (soil erosion deforestation, pollution)

-Basic ethics and principles of permaculture

-Permaculture definitions

-Introduction to Bill mollision, David holmgren and Geoff lawton’s work.

There was so many great things to talk about and reference. It felt good, and the response form everybody was positive.

This was a post I made on Facebook with some striking statistics about the last 104 years.

“Permaculture lesson at Taino Organic farms today to Victor (Farm manager) and Lynsey WyattKarin Gartnerova and Honza, our volunteers. I just about managed to teach in 2 languages and even had parts translated to Czech. It actually went surprisingly well. On our tour, collecting native legumes and flowers to build stability with diversity, we met with Victor’s grandmother. At 104 years old, she was born in to a population of 1.7 billion. Today we have 7.1 billion people. Imagine what she has seen! Those of us who avoid Cancer and other Illness’s are likely to live to above 100 years old too. Expect to see some changes people. Come and see what permaculture is all about, so we can make sure those changes are good changes.”

Here’s write up form the perspective of one of our volunteers, Lynsey Wyatt, photo credits to her too.


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