A few reasons to be stoked on Permaculture, and why the time is now!


Permaculture and the techniques grouped under the umbrella of Permaculture, are essential components to a future in which people are happy, healthy and fulfilled. The time to begin the transition is now.

Never before has the planet needed an alternative approach as it does right now! To me it makes no sense to ignore the inevitable destruction of the planet, nor does it make sense to learn about it, let it depress us, take no action, and continue to work our sorrows away, waiting for the work day to finish, the weekend to come, or the summer to start in a bid to avoid facing the discontent knowing that we are contributing to the inevitable destruction happening before our eyes. This isn’t me suggesting that everyone drops what they are doing and runs for the hills, but we can all make some changes right now.

One way of looking at life is that everyone is performing their role perfectly, it goes with saying ‘you create your own reality’. To me this means we can’t blame others, we must except peoples actions as lessons, go on to trust our own instincts.

As a permaculturist, I’m all about small and slow solutions. Perhaps  for some people, doing something like donating some earnings to an environmental project, or experimenting with gorilla gardening would be a great step.

I sometimes toy with the Idea that by simply existing and being passive to the consumer led eco-genocide , puts us in a direct karma debt, and until we begin to do something to better the environment, we simply won’t let ourselves be truly content. Perhaps deep down we know we don’t deserve it. Now, I only toy with this Idea, I don’t intend to give it too much meaning, and of course when life is hard we must look after numero uno prior to worrying about the bigger picture, but there is probably some cross over.

Now after getting deep, I want to make some points about why the time is now:

1. Never before has the world needed it so much. (If you don’t agree, please watch ‘Home’)

2. Never has it or will it be so easy- We (most of us) have (mostly) free information share. The internet is amazing! Many of us owe much of our current realities to it. We don’t have to travel, or expend resources to learn, and if we do need to travel, it will never be cheaper than it is right now. We also have the most intense infrastructure out there, which can be utilised to get appropriate resources around to where they can be best utilised.

3. They say the best time to plant the trees was 5 years a go. Well the second best time is right now, the third best time being when you’ve finished reading this article. If you still need encouraging planting trees or you want some tips motivating others, describe it as putting karma in a piggybank with 5,000% interest. You have to kneel down and push a  seed in the ground, and the interest provides food for generations as well as a step in the right direction for sequestering carbon.

4. Right now Permaculture is a hype word, there is a shortage of experienced permaculture designers and teachers, the world needs more. This means one can earn a living whilst making the world a better place, it doesn’t just have to be a hobby.

5.Resoucres and societies wastes are freely available right now. As the permaculture community grows, there will be an increase in seed and information share, but right now, if you want mulch and other resources, you only have to make a call and someone drops off a truckload (not everywhere of course. Where i live it involves a machete and later blisters on your hands, that and a lot of raking up leaves..), but in the future, It’ll be a race to get at the goodness, and wood chips will be worth their weight in gold (well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there’ll be sought after.)

There are many reasons why the time is now, and analysing it like this is fun to do, but sometimes I think we should just go with intuition and simply trust are elders.

My Nan said to me ‘There’s no time like the present’

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