Setting up a new permaculture community isn’t guaranteed to be all roses and rainbows.

The truth is, everybody ends up working on a permaculture farm for a variety of reasons. I wanted to learn about permaculture because I believe it’s a skill set that future generations will be happy people learnt and shared. As I’ve become more involved, I’ve realised that its not just future generations, the majority of humanity already can’t afford an abundance of healthy, healing, organic produce, or live a life revolving around nature, and work consciously and in systems guided by ethics.

The people that I’m most inspired to teach, are those most willing to learn and generally it’s those people that are in the biggest struggle. I always seem to revert back to thinking about my fiends with stories growing up in Haiti, which is why I’m drawn that way. I know I don’t even have to look that far to see opportunities where permaculture can help.  Sometimes It’s the tourists that have a really big voice in this technologically advanced, and internet connected world, and this is why I also really love doing farm tours, inviting in relative strangers to work along side us, and to be fair, will gladly speak to anybody that will listen.

One of the nicest things anybody has said to me was said yesterday, on a farm tour. It was something along the lines of.

“Most of those people where i’m from in Brooklyn, act like permaculture is being part of some cult, but this is different man, Charlie, you are the truth, I’m serious man, when I get home I’m going to get in to it man”

This is why I do what I do, this is why I’m passionate.

I assumed  everyone who comes to work on a permaculture farm would already see the opportunity we have to influence a more harmonious and more conscious world. The truth is, people come for a variety reasons, but hopefully it’s among the first things found out.  I’m trying now to ‘creatively use and respond to change’ (permaculture principle no. 12). I’m refining my teaching stye and going back to basics. My hope is to bridge the gap for those that want to do good in this ever-changing world, and present permaculture as an outlet. What is great, is we have a true diversity of people at Taino Farm, and I’m realising it’s time to use and value those qualities they already have not only talk about permaculture. I’ve definitely learnt my energy is best spent leading by example, and adding momentum to paths and projects that people are already embarking on . I hope to help give each volunteer an opportunity to give their gift.  I have a lot of love for everyone involved, so it’s only a matter of channelling that energy in the right way.

It might sounds straightforward throwing a bunch of permies at an ever evolving project, but anybody that thinks it is, probably has’t done it.  I suppose its just a great thing that we’re all human, and naturally are drawn to learn, evolve and prosper. I’d like to at this point throw a shout out to Ahnah our full-time volunteer coordinator, she does many of the really hard tasks, and gives up 90% of her waking minutes (and probably some dream time) to keeping everyone stoked. Luckily, mother universe feels and see’s everything, and gives as good as it gets. Cheers, Ahnah and cheers universe for giving us all this opportunity.


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