Obtain a Yield, Value Diversity, Cooperate not Compete

    For any system, organisation or business to be sustainable, a yield of some sort must be obtained, and this is very relevant on a personal level.  It’s also something I’ve observed has been lacking in my life for the last few weeks.

I love Cabarete for the steady influx and meeting of great minds that come from all around the world. They ebb and flow with the changing seasons the same way the tide and winds dictate a day in the life in Cabarete. I chose this place to be my home for the ability to be somewhere I can be healthy, surf, kite, train, eat well, and be continuously learning whilst scraping an honest living, it’s a lot to ask, but why settle for less.

It’s always had it’s struggles, and I’m already coming to the realisation that for me It’s not 100% sustainable. Breaking a laptop for example, or an injury that prevents me from working in the ocean or the food forest would mean an abrupt end to this current paradise.

The lack of true sustainability has the potential push for me to move on, or at least dip out and work for wages that better reflect my skills, allow me to have some financial buffer or perhaps afford half decent travel-insurance. Mostly though, it’s the lack of yield I obtained in the last few weeks that left me temporarily in a state of diss-ease, which I’m pleased to have overcome.

With people moving on form the Taino Farm project the pressure was on to find the next manager or director and all eyes were on me. The idea of this inspired me, and I was lead to believe I could help sway it in a way that would have world-changing qualities at it’s core, but as it’s to follow a model of a successful eco-toursim hotel, It would be run like a business, and this is the very reason I’m not the one for the job. I’m stoked to work with this organisation offering my design and teaching, but there’s not a business on the planet that I trust to be my life-line. Another Permaculture principle, value diversity/don’t put all your eggs in one basket, is very relevant here.

Whilst at the IPC in Cuba a wise Haitian man stood up and in broken English said, ‘if you don’t build your own dream, someone else will pay you to build theirs’. I agree with these words. We are all capable holistic thinkers and I believe we should choose to work with one and other(co-operate/collaborate) in symbiosis, with mutual benefit. Any relationship containing a need, or be dependancy is not sustainable. Every good permaculture designer knows, that to make sustainable systems, every element must be connected to 3 other elements.

I believe many good things will continue to happen at Taino, but If I’m to evolve, to be a really good permaculture designer/teacher or ‘world changer’ as Gaia university likes to call their students, I must stay first and foremost free and independent, but also humble, focused and definitely not caught up in the complexities of another individuals business management. I must focus on being mindful, observant and the best designer and teacher I can be. I must do this whilst being content, fulfilled and whole. After all, who would enjoy learning from a stressed out guy with chronic overcommitment issues.


Life is simply too good to be lost in the haze of busyness. (or business)

Hope you like the bellow image, not clearly related, but it’s all about keeping things simple and staying mindful and observant.



I think this guy has it figured out






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