The International Permaculture Convergence Cuba video by the ‘Regrarians’

Click the link to Load the Video of the IPC

Click the pic to Load the Video of the IPC by the Regrarians

This screen shot is of my friend Stuart quoting none other than Public Enemy’s lyrics at the International Permaculture Conference In Havana, definitely a highlight. ‘The real revolution is the evolution of the mind, If you shall seek, you shall find, we all come from the divine”.¬†Click the pic to load the full Video. You’ll see Daniel Cherniske, Stuart and I, Parts of Stuarts talks and Interviews with Marcus form ‘Permaculture Miami’ who will be taking me through my Advanced PDC and teacher training next month. Permaculture really is a great movement, with decent people behind it, and this IPC in Cuba was a game changer.

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