I’m a Certified Permaculture Designer

And the handwork pays off. I did it, I’m a Certified Permaculture Designer!

Time for a rest in my favourite tree

Time for a rest in my favourite tree

I’m already straight on to an earthworks course, where I’m  learning in detail about building dams and Swales (ridges on contour, which cause water to soak in instead of letting it run off).

I’m planning to attend the IPC 11 which a permaculture conference in Havana in November followed by a some tours of urban permaculture within the city and then a 5 day camp out with permaculture enthusiasts from all around the globe. I’m pretty excited to continue the education and hopefully meet some more great people.


I also expect to be attending an advanced permaculture design course in Belieze next March.


It’s going to be an exciting year, fully indulged in Permaculture, with designs for communities, education centres and homesteads already underway, and of course mass planting and spreading of productive trees and perennials.

My Design Sketch for the Changes to Taino Farm

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