Essential Permaculture Info

I decided to make a playlist of what I consider Essential Permaculture Info.
When I first began learning about permaculture, It was hard to find things online, but things have changed, a lot. I was able to find a bunch of great Videos and put them all on one Playlist named ‘Essential Permaculture Info’ You can search for it on youtube via my name ‘Charlie Durrant’ or Via clicking the link bellow.

The first Video Is from Bill Mollison’s global gardener series. The first is the tropics and it’s a great film. There are even whole PDC’s (Permaculture design certificate courses) on there in the powerpoint/chalk and talk format. They are fantastic and full of Info. I highly recommend some hands on and dynamic ways to learn and complete a PDC, but if it’s not an option, these online versions will definitely get you going and even make up for anything that might have been missed in a 72 hour course. Enjoy!



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  1. Ellie says:

    Thank you Charlie, that’s wonderful information !

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