Getting deep as the Sun is lowest on the horizon. (Still way overhead in the tropics actually.. but happy solstice)


Perhaps every living thing is connected through an invisible web and we are all simply different temporary expressions of ‘pachamama’ or mother universe,  much like a fruiting mushroom is to a mycelium web. We each have our opportunity to express ourselves, before returning and breaking back down again, in to the molecules from which we were formed.

As Alan Watts says, ‘we are born out of this universe not into it, we are not separate from it, what we do to it, we do to ourselves’.

Whether we believe those statements or not, if we listen to our conscience and follow what we know is right, we act as if those statements are true. If we don’t, it only causes suffering to ourselves and those we interact with.

Perhaps much of todays problems stem from the personification of that inner voice, and the suffering expected, became referred to as ‘hell’, because noble people were deemed not intelligent enough to hear their own conscience, or because they were already enslaved to work for others profit, and deny that voice from birth . Of course, when we do listen to our inner voice, we are hearing what we evolved to hear. Anybody who has tried it, knows that this connection tends to help out in the most perfect of ways.

We live in incredible times of intense realisation, and I find it hard not to believe that as the world encroaches an all time low in conciousness, and detachment form the planet, the internet is handed to us, and free information share like this becomes almost standard, so another wave of consideration can spread.

If you struggle with all of that, perhaps it’s easier just to accept that the clarity obtained from trusting our conscience, leaves us more aware of ‘good’ things happening in front of our eyes, and less phased by the ‘bad’, Correct me if in wrong.   –   This was the type of thinking that really set me free in my transition between discovering the corruption in even the most humble appearing religions or philosophies, and realising the whole time, inside ourselves and each living or non living thing we intreat with, we can find all the direction we need.

^^This one is probably most relevant to those influenced by the free party movement.  NFN.




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