This is the Blog of Charlie Durrant. It consists of writing, photo journals, and links that he found useful on his journey towards a more regenerative way of life.



Framing Carpentry Apprenticeship with Giampa Homes Ltd.


Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Transformative Action Leanring Certificate TALC – Gaia University

Permaculture Dynamic Teacher Training – Marcus Deva Thompson & Rosemary Morrow

Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate Course – Marcus Deva Presence (Permaculture Miami)

Earthworks – Geoff Lawton

Permaculture Design Certificate Course – Geoff Lawton

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 – CHEK institute

Fitness Leader – BCRPA

Kitesurfing Instructor Certificate Level 2 – IKO

First Aid

A-Levels – Environmental Science, Biology & Geography

AS – Photography

Work Experience

Global work experience in a myriad of fields as diverse as permaculture design, conventional agriculture, construction, extreme sports instruction, photography, and lifestyle coaching.

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  3. Noah Shaye says:

    Hey Charlie,

    The internet gods have blessed me with your blog. My name is Noah, I am a landscape architect in Atlanta, Georgia and found you when I searched ‘the google’ for Permaculture in Dominican Republic. The internet guided me to Taino Farms and upon scouring their website I found the master plan you designed for the farm. Our firm mostly does historic preservation work but have projects that span the full spectrum of landscape design. Last week we received a call from a potential client who owns 22 acres of land in The Dominican Republic. They would like to turn there newly acquired land into a productive landscape that implements the principals of permaculture. My initial research lead me directly to your blog, which in turn gave me some great knowledge to use when discussing ideas and approaches for the clients landscape.

    We have not yet sealed the deal on the project but when we do get the contract I would traveling down to La Vega, Dominican Republic for a site visit. I would really appreciate an input you may have at the starting of a permaculture farm in the Dominican. I have several specific questions for you and if you know of anyone I can contact in the Dominican that would be great.

    Thank you for publishing this information. It has truly inspired me and I hope to speak with you some day soon.

    -Noah Shaye

    Please feel free to call
    . 404-808-4445

    • Alex Loseman says:

      Hey, I found Charlie the same way you did! I’ve been looking for others doing permaculture on the island to either team up or at least learn a thing or two. How’s your land acquisition going?

    • Hey Noah, I know it’s late, but I’m 100% available of you did still want to chat. Although Ive relocated to British Columbia I’m still helping a friend develop his property in Puerto Plata, linked with other allies involved in the project. It would are great to put you guys together and I’m 100% available to answer any questions you have. 6047418325 or charlienorwich@gmail.com. Skype is my preferred method of contact and I can be found either by my e-mail or searching username charlie_durrant

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