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The Mariposa Foundations' garden girls and environmental program visit our home to see permaculture in action.

The Mariposa Foundations’ environmental class visit our home to see permaculture in action.

It’s nice to take a step back and reflect on whats good. Gaia University has been helping me learn and unlearn lots about myself and also society. I learn’t about a recurring theme of mine relating to overcommitments and overambitious expectations of others. Revelations like this for me are priceless, I haven’t felt this much clarity since finishing Edkhart toll’s – “A New Earth”.

I’m no longer working with Taino Farm as the aim at the farm has been restructured to ‘eco-hotel’, and the focus is now on finding a Manager, a job that doesn’t reflect my vision and passion. There may be opportunities to work together again for permaculture eduction, but either way, I have inherited a large chunk of my time and mental space back to focus on my own path.

Ada and I have been putting a lot of love in to our home forest garden “Dharma Farm” at Cabarete Football/Camping¬†and waking up to that each day feels great.

I realise apart from a few projects, designs and workshops, the next part of my journey is very much related to focussing on my degree, networking and being the change I want to see.

I’ve learnt so much in the last year, it’s almost overwhelming to think about. I don’t want that to stop, but staying true to myself, my intuitions and getting back to basics is definitely going to help the lessons be enjoyable and sustainable.

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