Ada Smith’s Garden Girls at the Mariposa DR Foundation

The garden has been evolving nicely. The sand is slowly turning brown and we are seeing more life in the garden each week. We’ve already had a big harvest of Beans, Cranberry Hibiscus, Okra, Rosela, Moringa, Pigeon Pea and now we are seeing our first tomatoes and pumpkins ripening up. The girls are loving it, and we’ve even finally won over the groundskeeper, who built his own extra garden bed over the christmas break.  Slowly but surely, I think we are showing that growing your own food isn’t a sign of poverty, It’s actually a lot of fun, really healthy, and finally some people are begging to think it’s ‘cool’. Success.

“Ada Smith has been working on creating a school garden at the Mariposa DR Foundation accompanied with curriculum involving Ecology and Permaculture. She’s Been working closely with ‘Charlie Durrant Permaculture Design’ as well as ‘Taino Farm’ and the ‘Extreme Hotel’. This was all shot in a morning lesson and thrown together same day (my excuse for lack of edit). Music Credit to ‘Smaller than you’ GT, Norwich, UK”



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